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Design Is Indispensable

When it comes to web designing the developers and designers are like the two sides of the coin. A coin cannot be a coin unless and until it has a head and a tail. Now web design without designers and developers. On the other hand, just like the head and tail cannot coexist, similarly there has usually been a dispute as to who is superior whether the designers or the developers. This is despite of knowing that without the contribution of both a successful website is not possible. There are many developers who try to prove that there is no need of the designers, but they need to be proved that without the designers they cannot realize what they have developed. Some of the key aspects that make the contribution of designers indispensable are as follows:
Copy intelligently:
There have been several instances on the internet wherein the copycat has failed to hunt any rat. There are many developers that think that copying a code designed by some good designer can make thing work out for them. These developers just happen to look at the success of that code. They do not see other factors that are responsible for that success. This is where the crucial role of the designer comes into play. Instead of ignoring the designer avail his/her services and find out how you can improve upon the current successful designing code. This can make your design not only unique but make the visitors feel that it is not copied. Teaming with a good designer can help the developer to copy intelligently.
    Design in Limits:
There is an old cliché that everything is good in limits. This is applicable to web site designing and web development company too. There are cases in which the website owner has tried to offer as many services as possible through that website. In these circumstances when there are a lot of services provided, the design looks confusing for the visitor. The visitor has to think which service to avail and which to ignore. There are visitors that would not like to tax their brain with this kind of thought. This type of over design can prove harmful for the efficiency of the website. On the other hand in a minimalistic approach only those design elements are included that are most needed. There are several websites that have opted for minimalistic approach and have been successful.   The developers should understand that without the designer’s contribution to the website design the website cannot be made successful. If the application developer tries to design the website without any help of any designer, the website is sure to have one or the other defect and this could be detrimental for the success of the website.

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Ways for a Web Designer to Build a Brand

What is the use of the peacock’s dance when there is no one to admire it? This implies that beauty needs to be seen to be admired. Your creativity as web designers may be excellent but until and unless your work is not presented forth the visitors, it is not going to be appreciated. If you want to build a brand and prevail in the market for a longer time, it is important that you offer such quality services that are noteworthy and speak of your talent.Some of the main ways to build your brand and create a niche in the web designing sector are as follows:•  Name matters a lot. Most of the Los Angeles web designers would want to name their website on the basis of the services they offer. They would want the website to be named in such a way that it has words like creative, creativity, website, design, web development company , and services. The reason behind this is that they want to be popular through the search engines. On the contrary if your website is given the name that you like the best, sooner or later it is going to become popular as your services accumulate fame. Now in this situation your name becomes popular through the name of your website and this is how branding can be created.  •  The other way of building your brand as quality web designing service provider is through making available to the clients top quality creative websites. If the layout and other elements of the web design are copied from other website you cannot make it pass it on in the market as your own. Sooner or later the visitors are going to know that the creation is not your own brain child but copied from others. This is going to negatively affect your good will and reputation in the market. •  Quality and quantity are usually inversely proportional to each other. If you take multiple projects at, it usually becomes difficult to handle them. Finally this takes a toll of your quality. You may be able to complete the web design projects but they may be of mediocre quality and not of excellent quality that you can normally deliver. If you want to build your brand you should only that those many projects that you can handle.
If you want to build your brand it should not be such that at one time you deliver excellent quality web designs while at other time you deliver web design of sub standard quality. Consistency should be maintained. If you are not consistent at delivering good quality web designs then there are hardly any chances of building the brand.





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