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Learn how sharing a home can reduce your expenses
If you are thinking of sharing a house with roommates to reduce your expenses, here we tell you what is the best way to do it.
In Mexico, sharing a house with roommates is a reality experienced by 65% of young people, according to data from Condusef. This action is very common among millennials, who decide to share the same roof to cover their personal expenses when they move to a new city to start their studies or their work life.
If you are thinking of adopting this trend of sharing a house to reduce your expenses, you might want to take the following into account.
How to share a home and take care of your money?
• Analyze your salary and budget
• Explore your needs
• Consider all your expenses
• Look for responsible people
• Establish rules of coexistence
• Define who will be responsible for payments
• Consider additional expenses
Analyze your salary and budget
The first thing you should do before deciding to share a house with more people is to make calculations to ensure that your income is sufficient to cover the expenses that correspond to you. When making your budget think about the amount of rent, services and emergency expenses.
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If you want to confirm that your calculation is correct. A few months before moving you can set aside the proportional part of the payments that you will have to make from your income and see if you can maintain a lifestyle with which you feel comfortable.
At the end of the test, you will know what your ideal budget is and, also, you will have savings that will help you start your new life. Condusef recommends that you save at least three times what your rent will cost.
Explore your needs
It is important that you start looking for apartments or houses that suit your needs. You can choose to live in an area close to your office or to a bus stop that connects with a large part of the city.
Visit several homes and compare them with each other, before signing the lease and do not allocate more than 30% of your salary to pay a rent since it is not financially ideal.
If you plan to share a house, we recommend that you choose a property that is very small and prevents you and your colleagues from feeling comfortable, but not that it is too large because, then, the objective of sharing a house would be lost to reduce expenses.
Look for something that already has contracted electricity, water, gas and internet services and that also has a laundry area and kitchen. For example, renting a house or apartment near your school or workplace will reduce food expenses and, if you rent a furnished house and among the furniture there is a washing machine, you will also save on laundry service.
Also choose a property that is close to markets, supermarkets, and convenience stores.
Consider all your expenses
Another point to consider before sharing a home is to consider your expenses in services (water, electricity, internet and gas) and other debts. Although the payment of the services will not run solely on your own, you should consider that, if for some reason you are left alone or your colleagues do not comply with the payment, it is very likely that you will have to assume the expense and even move.
Add up all your monthly expenses and debts so that you rarely find yourself in trouble.
Look for responsible people
Share your home by choosing the ideal roommate . Take into account that moving with friends does not guarantee a perfect coexistence, more than friends, look for roomies with enough income to pay their part of the rent and the expenses that arise at home.
It is essential that when choosing the property each person has their own room and pay depending on the quality of it. Be as equitable as possible dividing the rent payment by size and characteristics, for example: if a room has its own bathroom or closet.
Remember that when signing the contract a term is established that determines the time in which the rent will be paid. Knowing this, the people who will be your roommates will have to be responsible and commit until the contract ends. If everything goes well, you can renew the contract the following year without problems.
Make a contract with your roommates where the economic obligations of each are reflected and how they will proceed in case someone decides to leave the property before the end of the lease.
Establish rules of coexistence
Communication is the key to achieving the best coexistence when sharing a home.
Follow these tips and implement them with your roommates:
• Establish an equitable division for the payment of maintenance and repair expenses.
• Set visiting hours and activities allowed.
• Decide if the pantry will be bought together or each will take care of their food.
• Indicate how the common spaces will be used.
• Come to a consensus on when and how parties will be held.
• Make a schedule to assign cleaning to each area.
• If a roommate receives regular visits or has a partner who spends all the time on the property and uses services such as water, electricity or others; decide whether visitors should contribute financially to the home.
Define who will be responsible for payments
Sharing a house carries a lot of responsibility and one person should not take care of everything, tasks such as payment of services or rent must be delegated equally. For example, a roommate can be in charge of collecting the rent, while another can be in charge of paying for water, internet or electricity services.
It is important that you designate responsible and committed people to make the corresponding payments on the established dates. If they do not pay on time, it is very likely that they will have to pay interest or have limited services.
Consider additional expenses
Share your house by establishing the additional expenses that you and your roommates will cover, consider whether they will hire cable television or will have an individual or family streaming subscription.
If you have a partner who enjoys cooking, agree with the others, if he is in charge of cooking for everyone, perhaps the rest can do the other household chores.
Reduce expenses if you have roommates who work in the same area and some have a car, or share transportation if they are late.
Remember that you will be living with your roommates for a certain time and it is essential that they communicate so that peaceful coexistence is possible.

By sharing a house with more people, you will be saving money and have access to benefits that you simply could not access. If you are looking to rent real estate to become independent, find them in the best real estate portal.

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